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Full-Face CPAP Mask Replacement Parts

Full-face CPAP masks are integral part of the CPAP machine used by people diagnosed with sleep apnea. The mask serves as the interface between the person and the CPAP machine. The pressure generated from the machine pushes the air through the nostrils to the respiratory system of the person. Full-face masks are common in Canada. They have the triangular shape that comfortably sits on the face of the user. A regular CPAP mask user needs to replace the mask parts periodically to ensure its performance efficiency. Full-face CPAP mask replacement parts are separately available at leading CPAP vendors.

CPAP Clinic is one of the leading CPAP equipment suppliers in Toronto. We supply a wide variety of CPAP/APAP machines and replacement parts like full-face CPAP mask replacement parts, nasal pillows replacement parts, nasal mask replacement parts. Important full-face CPAP mask replacement parts include headgear, headgear clips, mask cushion, cheek pads, pad support, cross tube, bridge, and a tubing system.

Headgear clips are used to adjust the headgear and make it perfectly fit on the head. The mask cushion, another replaceable part, provides maximum comfort to the wearer and makes the mask sit firmly. It also creates a gentle seal on the patient’s face and also prevents sores and rashes occurring due to direct contact of the mask with the face. Adjustable cushions are also available.

For more information on Full-Face CPAP Mask Replacement Parts or CPAP Filters Replacement, please visit or call 1-877-430-CPAP(2727).

Cheek pads are one of the popular full-face CPAP mask replacement parts available in CPAP machine stores. The cheek pads are important because they place the cheek perfectly on the mask. Another mask replacement part is the tubing system. It is made of lightweight material that enables smooth airflow through it. The tube is made of good quality materials with good resistance to heat and chemicals.

Next important full-face CPAP mask replacement parts are CPAP filters. The filters need to be replaced periodically to avoid contamination and prevent blockage of air. Filters may be disposable and non-disposable. After the prescribed period, you should replace the filters. The filters may get damaged early if the machine is operated in hostile conditions where there is a lot of dust and moisture, so you need to replace them earlier than the prescribed period.

CPAP Clinic offers full-face CPAP mask replacement parts from leading suppliers like Philips Respironics, Fisher & Paykel, Covidien, ResMed, and Citrus II. Apart from full-face masks, we also supply nasal pillows, nasal masks and the entire replacement parts associated with each of the CPAP equipment from all these vendors. We have an online repository of these products. To know more about our products, please visit us at the following address:

CPAP Clinic – Sleep Apnea Treatment at-your-home
Toronto, ON, Canada
1-877-430-CPAP (2727)

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