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Are There Only Five Truly Good Sleep Apnea Treatment Choices? Part Two

Are There Only Five Truly Good Sleep Apnea Treatment Choices? Part Two


The second and third Sleep Apnea choices, snoring aids and postural products, are detailed in today’s post. Terry found some very interesting information::

Snoring Aides

Snoring aids can either treat, reduce or eliminate snoring and ease sleep apnea. Here is a list:

  • Chin straps serve to keep the mouth closed to reduce the volume of snoring or solve for snoring. It all depends on the severity of the snoring. They are of varying types but work essentially the same way by holding the mouth closed with adjustable features that wrap around the head like a head bandage.
  • Mouth guards serve to hold the mouth in a fixed position to avoid the tongue dropping back into the throat, which can lead to snoring and even sleep apnea.
  • Nostril adhesives serve to block air from being exhaled so the pressure from exhalation feeds back into the mouth and throat, potentially keeping the airway open and avoiding, treating or easing snoring and sleep apnea.
  • Mouth adhesives act like chin straps but do not require fabric around the head. Instead mouth adhesives look like large bandages that can hold the mouth closed by placing the adhesive around the base and to the sides of the mouth to hold it closed. One adhesive is used at a time.
  • Electronic apnea and snoring alert devices serve by wearing (i.e. a watch or wristband) or placement in your sleeping area/bed (i.e. detection products  beneath a mattress or pillow) or body-wearing (such as a chest band, finger sensor, etc). Each option has its own way of detecting, alerting and informing the sleeper about the severity of their snoring and/or sleep apnea.
  • Dietary supplements can help with capsules, supplemental beverage mixes, etc. if a nutritional deficiency is making throat muscles weak.


Postural Products

Special pillows and wearable accessories exist for the head, body, knees and low back. The pillows help maintain a sleeping position that reduces or eliminates snoring/ sleep apnea.

The next post goes into medical Sleep Devices and what Terry discovered about all of them.



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Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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  1. Chin straps – I used it and perfectly snoreless what a great product. It worked for me from the very first night.

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