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Nasal Pillows by Fisher Paykel: Pilairo vs. Pilairo Q.

nasal pillows


Nasal Pillows by Fisher Paykel: Pilairo vs. Pilairo Q.


nasal pillows


Introducing the newest nasal pillow comparison series: Pilairo vs. Pilairo Q.

The initial nasal mask series called the Pilairo entered the market during 2012. And it gained an appreciable reception in the global market place. You may or may not be aware of the Pilairo’s original showing. It originally featured a simple one size fits all stretchable headgear with removable plastic clips and the one size medium cushion, which is designed to inflate and float on your face after being properly positioned within the nostrils. To gain that effect, Fisher-Paykel recommends that the wings of the cushion be spread while gently inserting the nasal pillows into the nostrils. After which, the one size fits all stretchable headgear holds it all in place.

The mask tube extension offers a 5.5 inch (14cm) extension and fits into any universal PAP tubing designed for OSA therapy. The additional benefit of the cushion offers is its ability to maintain a proper nasal seal regardless of movement during sleep. The exhaust from the mask is set on the front curve of the elbow, allowing air to blow out in a forward direction. This nasal pillow design became the answer for a smaller nasal pillow option.

Since the Pilairo’s introduction, Fisher-Paykel got back to business creating alternative features. Once new features were in place, the mask received a new name, the “ Pilairo Q” in 2013.


More Features

The additional (optional features) to the Pilairo Q now include a four point Velcro adjustable head strap and a front cover plus diffusers for the frontal air exhaust.

The adjustable headgear addresses flexible wear-ability. The vent cover and diffusers decreased the noise and draft from the frontal air exhaust.

The added ease has been making the Pilairo Q the go-to PAP interface for people who desire small, compact masks.

Today, all of the aforementioned features are now included with every Pilairo Q, giving the user maximum comfort options in an easy, lightweight package.

Here it is explained in video:


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Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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3 thoughts on “Nasal Pillows by Fisher Paykel: Pilairo vs. Pilairo Q.”

  1. I have had one of this for about 6 months now – and until recently my favorite nasal pillow mask. I’m a Cancer patient and the less I have to deal with the better.

  2. I have actually never heard of this make. I like that it is lightweight. I find the ones I have used kept me from being completely comfortable at night. I would move and the weight would be bothersome. It doesn’t help when I have 3 cats that think it is a toy! lol

    1. Just received my 1st Pilairo, which is this newer design like as shown on the video. Their manually setups goes helpful.

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