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Sleep Apnea “Cures” to Avoid

Out there on the Internet, there are plenty of sleep apnea tips and “cures”, and some of them aren’t really worth following; in fact, a few of these treatment suggestions may be downright dangerous.

At the least, most sleep apnea “cure-alls” that don’t involve the use of a CPAP machine are likely to do nothing at all to control or cure your sleep disorder, and they may bring additional health issues, symptoms and side effects to the table.

If you’re interested in curing your sleep apnea, you need to know which treatments are actually proven to have any effect on this serious sleep disorder, and which treatments are just a bunch of “snake oil”.

For example, people or companies who claim that they can cure your sleep apnea with supplements or special pills are probably best avoided, whether you find them on or offline.

Avoid “Magic Pills” and other Questionable “Cures” for Sleep Apnea

Many shady entrepreneurs do make a lot of money off of ill people who are desperate for a magic pill that cures their various discomforts or health issues.

Most times, these remedies are little more than placebos; the worst bogus cures will actually cause harm to your body.

Sometimes, these “special blends” will contain some form of active ingredients; however, there are not currently any active ingredients that will heal the stop-start breathing patterns, loud snoring, and airway problems associated with the three forms of sleep apnea (these are defined as obstructive, mixed and central).

While certain holistic remedies and tablets may have health-boosting properties, there is no vitamin, mineral, herb or drug that is able to reverse sleep apnea in the afflicted.

It’s important to keep this in mind as you pursue treatments for sleep apnea. Be aware that CPAP machines are the only truly reliable way to wipe out your symptoms, sleep deeply, and live a happier and healthier life.

The only “natural” cure for sleep apnea that occasionally gets results (and this strategy simply doesn’t work for some patients) is losing a lot of weight, so that there is less tissue slackening in the airway region.

People with big necks (which may be genetic inheritances, or simply the result of extra pounds) are more prone to developing sleep apnea.

Likewise, quitting smoking and cutting down on booze may help to relieve some symptoms of the disease.

However, plenty of people with sleep apnea don’t smoke or drink, and many are at their ideal weight, or just a few pesky pounds over it.

So, in a nutshell, real treatment is often needed for sleep apnea, and the only proven method of getting results that protect your health, alleviate the headaches and chronic exhaustion, and give you back the vim and vigor that sleep apnea has taken away is using a CPAP machine to stop the vicious cycle of your dangerous sleep disorder.

Get Diagnosed…and Then Get the Right Treatment with a CPAP Machine

Without treatment, you may suffer from heart problems, hypertension, or worse.

It’s just not safe to leave sleep apnea untreated, ever.

So, if you’re currently undiagnosed, but you suspect that you have this sleep disorder, it is time to learn more about CPAP machines.

If you’re diagnosed, but using questionable remedies, why not get treatment with a CPAP unit that will improve the way you breathe during the night?

To get the information that you need on these machines, as well as CPAP nasal pillows and CPAP nasal masks, be sure to contact a qualified sleep apnea specialist today.

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  1. I’m curious, what other sleep apnea treatments are available? I’ve looked into the mouthpiece and pillow, but never heard of this before. A quick reponses are mostly appricieted. Thanks!!!

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