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Sleep Apnea Help for “Newbies”

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you may have lots of questions about your sleep disorder, and may also need some help adjusting to your new treatment plan.

As a “newbie”, you’ll need the support of friends, loved ones, and fellow sleep apnea sufferers during this important time…you’ll also need some answers to the most frequently-asked questions about sleep apnea.

To help you get the most out of your treatment, we’ve compiled some advice that you will likely really appreciate.

Find a Support Group – Some people are lucky enough to have partners, friends, and family who will help them to cope as they deal with the rigors of sleep apnea.

However, other people go it alone to a large extent, and they may need to seek out support groups in order to learn more about their sleep disorder and how it is treated. These support groups also serve another purpose – they provide companionship, education, and a sense of belonging…

Luckily, the Internet is a wonderful place to find these types of message boards, chat rooms, and Facebook groups. If you want to talk to other people about sleep apnea, but you just don’t have the support that you need at home or in your local community, look for support groups online.

One good place to “hang out” and get to know people is the sleep disorder community – you may find it at this link: It’s quite easy to register and to make contact with others at online groups of this type; however, you should always consult with a sleep apnea treatment specialist before you follow advice that you’ve seen online.

Information that is posted online is never intended to be a substitute for medical consultations with sleep apnea experts and doctors.

Talk to Your Partner – For those who do live with partners, getting these loved ones involved with sleep apnea treatment processes is essential.

Your partner must understand that you’re going through changes, and that you need a little extra love and support as you adjust to using CPAP machines, CPAP nasal masks, and other effective sleep apnea treatments.

One strategy is to bring your partner to your doctor’s appointments and CPAP mask fittings. By involving your partner in the details of your medical condition, you will educate him or her, and he or she will have an easier time understanding your problem and helping you out.

Give Yourself Time to Adjust…

Wearing a mask that is attached to a CPAP machine is the only way to get adequate airflow as you sleep. However, sometimes, it takes a little while to adjust to wearing a nasal mask at night.

Be patient as you tweak your treatment plan; give yourself time to adjust to the entire situation. In a matter of weeks, you should be fully comfortable wearing your mask at night, and you should experience far higher energy levels during the daytime hours.

Another benefit of this type of sleep apnea treatment is that is may prolong your life. Since sleep apnea places great strain on the heart and elevates the blood pressure, it can be a very dangerous disorder with long-term side effects.

By choosing to regulate your breathing during the night, you’ll heal your body from the inside out.

To find out more about CPAP replacement parts and other important equipment that is used to treat sleep apnea, please visit our CPAP Clinic today.


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1 thought on “Sleep Apnea Help for “Newbies””

  1. Glad I found this article,. Yes, am a new with this therapy and I’ll diffinetly share this to my family so they know what I needed the most. Lol thanks for this free information

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