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Traveling with CPAP? Here are 7 more things to add to your list. Wait, it’s actually 9.

Traveling with CPAP? Here are 7 more things to add to your list, it’s actually 9.


Traveling with CPAP is more common than ever. Have you ever noticed someone with a bag as generic as your laptop bag?  It might be a CPAP user.

And if you’re one of them, then you know that preparation is everything when traveling.

The basics of traveling with a CPAP (a.k.a. PAP) include:

  1. Preparing for the PAP machine to be carry-on luggage
  2. Taking the PAP prescription and previous sleep study results with
  3. Taking the recommended fluid amounts with you (for humidity, if
  4. Extra PAP filters
  5. Travel wipes to keep it all clean
  6. An A/C adapter with alternate plug-in capability

That list is a pretty good list.

We can add even more to it, thanks to creative manufacturers who have figured out PAP user needs, especially when traveling.

Here are seven more considerations:

1) Internal PAP sanitization devices, such as the SoClean2go™, for cleaning before/during/after enduring poor or questionable air quality destinations.

2) The neck Contour Twist™ for neck support or Contour Leg pillow™ for sleeping with PAP, if needed, on a plane, couch, sofa chair, fold-out bed, etc.

3) The Z1™ or Trancend® PAP devices, which are not only available, but fit in the palm of your hand. One version (the Transcend® PAP) can be worn on the head to save space.

4) Strap comfort accessories like Strap Softies™ or Forehead Softies™, assure even more comfort if you have to sleep in areas other than a bed. Why? No one wants those strap lines on the face.

5) Hose positioning accessories, like Cozy Hose Boss™. You’re no longer at home, so why is the tubing getting in your way?

6) The air is drier at your destination, and your humidifier works fine, but your nose is especially around your nose and nostrils. CPAP moisturizer therapy™ can help.

7) Is the sleeping area at your destination harboring new scents that make it difficult to sleep? CPAP Vapor Clear™ system will alter the scent for pleasing aromatherapy, and great sleep.

Bonus – PAP briefcase. Just in case you require a particular size for a PAP bag and will also hold other extras.

Hidden Bonus – Portable Power. Yes, batteries have been made specific for your PAP. Call ahead to assure the battery suits your PAP because it does matter, per the battery manufacturer. A battery works very well when you’re in the air, off-the-grid or no-where near an A/C outlet.

Traveling with your PAP unit has never been more comfortable and easy.

If you have questions about your specific travel needs, call 1.877.430.2727 for friendly, professional guidance.

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Call 1.877.430.2727 for help.

Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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3 thoughts on “Traveling with CPAP? Here are 7 more things to add to your list. Wait, it’s actually 9.”

  1. We always make sure we travel with an extension cord. In some hotels the plugs near the beds are all in use so it has come in handy when outlets are further away.

  2. Good list, it was perfect everything I need are here. This’s what I carry in my CPAP bag that I’ll use for traveling soon. And this is not possible with the present day patient interfaces. Loved your site so far!!

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