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How do Auto-CPAP machines in Toronto differ from their traditional counterparts?

An automatic CPAP machine, also known as an APAP or Auto-PAP or Auto-CPAP machine, is a new improvised version of CPAP machine, used to treat sleep apnea. The AutoCPAP machine in Toronto provides regular flow of air pressure at a customized adjusted level. Thus, while the traditional machine provides air pressure at a constant level, you can increase or decrease the air pressure using APAP.

How does an Auto-CPAP differ from CPAP?

Basically, an APAP machine adjusts the air pressure level to each breath the patient takes. There are different stages of sleep apnea a patient goes through in his sleep. Thus, the requirement for air pressure also fluctuates accordingly. Auto-PAP automatically titrates or adjusts the air pressure delivered for each breath to the minimum level required to keep the airway open. This is in stark contrast and indeed a major progression to the traditional machines which are adjusted manually based on an observation of the patient

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