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Finding CPAP accessories in Toronto

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure is perhaps the most widely practiced treatment for sleep apnea. However, using CPAP is not exactly a cake walk, especially for first time users, what with all the tubes, hoses and mask attached to you, not to forget the strange noise emitting from the machine. In fact, a large number of people discontinue their treatment within the first couple of weeks due to difficulties in tiding over this discomfort. This is very hazardous as your sleep disorder, if left untreated, increases the chances of stroke and even heart attack.
However all is not bleak. There is a host of CPAP accessories available in Toronto to make your treatment more effective and comfortable for a trouble free sleep – just as it should be.


The air pressure from CPAP machines causes dryness and thus, can be a severe irritant. Some patients may experience bleeding or sneezing and congestion. Humidifiers help avoid these symptoms by adding moisture to the air to be delivered. Humidifiers come in various shapes and sizes. While some are to be attached directly to the CPAP masks or machines, others are stand alones. Humidifiers are also very easy to maintain. All you need to do is – ensure to use clean water in the tank and rinse out its chamber every morning.

Mask Pads

Even a well fitting mask, when used for a prolonged period, can become a source of discomfort, causing red lines or marks on your face.  Another common problem associated with the mask is its fitting. Many sleep apnea patients have trouble finding the correct mask size.  If the mask is ill-fitting or the mask headgear is not properly adjusted, leakage of air and noise may occur. To help patients deal with such issues, CPAP accessories like adjustable chinstraps and head straps are available in Toronto to ensure a perfect mask fit. New accessories such as mask strap pads prevent the mask strap from rubbing over the skin causing allergy. The pads easily slip over the straps to prevent direct contact with the skin.

Whisper Caps

They help lower the overall volume of the machine for an alleviated sound sleep.

CPAP cleaning accessories

Ensure that you regularly clean your equipment and accessories with the right cleaning agents or wipes. CPAP cleaning accessories available in Toronto like mask cleaner wipes, mask disinfecting wipes, mask cleaner, etc., ensure that your treatment is effective and smooth.

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