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Reasons to go for full-face CPAP masks in Toronto

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, like it or not, you will have to get used to the CPAP mask. This mask is the most integral part of the CPAP machine and serves as an interface between the machine and you. It is through these masks that the machine delivers pressurized air to your respiratory system.  

CPAP masks are basically available in three variants, in Toronto and other places –full-face masks, nasal masks and nasal pillow masks, each distinguished from the other on the basis of their silhouette over your face.

Full-face CPAP masks, widely available in Toronto, are usually triangular in shape and cover your nose and mouth with additional side straps at the forehead and mouth level.

Following are the advantages of using a full-face CPAP mask in Toronto:

1.Full face masks are ideal if you tend to breathe through your mouth while sleeping. The other masks loose pressure if the patient opens his/her mouth while sleeping, rendering the treatment ineffective. Since full face CPAP masks cover the entire mouth area, you do not have to worry about the pressure, intended to hold your airway open, flowing out through your mouth.

2.The additional side-straps at the forehead and mouth level provide you with a highly secure attachment to the head area. Full face masks are less likely to keep falling off your face.

3.Full Face sleep apnea masks direct air towards your mouth without pushing it head-on into your nose. Thus, unlike nasal masks, they do not cause detrimental effects of constant air flow pressure heading directly towards your nasal passage. Consequentially, you are less likely to suffer from nose bleeding and dry and itchy noses.

However full face CPAP masks suffer from certain drawbacks, namely:

Since they cover almost your entire face, they can be very claustrophobia-inducing.

They are the bulkiest and usually the highest priced among all the masks.

Remember that while full face masks may seem odd and highly daunting in looks and comfort, with a little time and patience, you will soon get used to it. There are also a host of accessories available in Toronto to help reduce your discomfort with full face masks. Mask strap pads, longer hose, memory foam pillows, lotions, and other products can help you get a good night sleep with an effective CPAP system in place. Once you stick through the initial few weeks, you will start feeling the difference and agree that the resultant restful sleep was well worth the effort.

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