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Sleep Home Care

Sleep is an important process in human life. Good sleep makes human being energetic and intelligent. A healthy man should sleep 6-9 hours per night. The duration of sleep depends on an internal clock, and may differ from person to person. According to researches sleep loss alters your response time, visual acuity, motor activity, memory and attention. Sleep home care is an approach that helps patients suffering from sleep disorders regain their sleep and maintain good health.

Sleep Home Care focuses on treatment and management of sleep disorders including sleep apnea, snoring or breathing difficulties associated with sleeping. CPAP Clinic in Toronto is a specialist in sleep home care treatment. The company offers different types of treatment options for common sleep disorders like sleep apnea. The solutions include CPAP machines and accessories such as full-face masks, nasal pillows or V masks.

The sleep home care process starts with implementing a healthy sleep regime using CPAP equipment. We offer you immense varieties of CPAP machines, Auto-PAPs and CPAP masks from leading CPAP manufacturers. These devices are designed in such a manner that the patients can wear the instrument themselves, without requiring any external help. Once they are worn, they can go to bed directly and enjoy a good sleep without breathing difficulties.

CPAP machines and masks are the best sleep home care options for patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This is a common type of sleep apnea developed by people who are overweight or who have large tonsils or adenoids that result in constriction of the airways while sleeping. There are a number of other reasons behind OSA. CPAP machines and masks provide these patients with artificial respiration by air pressure mechanism.

The main component of CPAP machine is an air chamber. When the machine is turned on, airflow starts through the pipe connected to the air chamber. When the patient wears the mask attached at the end of the tube and makes it airtight on his/her face, air pressure builds up. The high-pressure air thus pushes itself into the nostrils and makes the airways open to push the air into the system and extract the carbon dioxide out.
CPAP Clinic in Toronto supplies CPAP machines from leading manufacturers like Philips Repironics, ResMed, Covidien and Fisher & Paykel. We supply accessories like CPAP filters, CPAP masks and replacement parts, CPAP humidifiers, CPAP tubing and more to make your sleep home care regime work perfectly as per your needs. The company also offers home-setups and mask replacement services during extended business hours.

In case of any query, you may contact us at the following address:
CPAP Clinic – Sleep Apnea Treatment at-your-home
Toronto, ON, Canada
1-877-430-CPAP (2727)

For more information on Sleep Apnea or Snoring, please visit or call 1-877-430-CPAP(2727).

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  1. There are many different treatments and devices that are readily available in the market today. And I been using a nasal pillow over a year. Really grateful for those who made this health care!

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