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The New Resmed F20: A Review, Part One


The AirFit F20 Full Face Mask



The AirFit F20 is ResMed’s new full face mask for the CPAP, APAP and BiPAP user. To their credit, ResMed has retained many of the features that made the F10 Full Face mask, their previous installment, very popular, making slight improvements throughout the mask design. We will focus on key changes to the mask and give our rating

1. The resmed F20 cushion.

The Resmed F20 features a redesigned cushion, which defines the whole sleeping experience for many PAP users. Resmed claims the F20 cushion is superior to the F10. And although the basic design of the silicone cushion of the F20 looks extremely similar to the F10, there have been some changes which are meant to make it more comfortable and retain a more consistent seal.

ResMed has used a combination of a frost-like appearance on the silicone, which had been on the F10 mask cushion. The polished silicone seal of previous masks, like the Quattro FX and Mirage Quattro, did “resemble proper adherence” to the skin, preventing the cushion from riding up the chin and into the mouth.

The frost-like surface on the upper part of the Resmed F20 cushion is designed to reduce any irritation across the bridge of the nose. These tiny changes should be a decent improvement.

Additionally, a major issue with the F10 occurred when the silicone part of the cushion was detaching randomly from the hard plastic. This would require purchasing a new cushion; but this proved to be very costly for many, even if insurance helped. ResMed has assured the cushion connection point remains solid with the Resmed F20. This should mark the longevity of this mask part and reduce the frequency of replacing the cushion.


2. Magnets

Resmed had finally done it, they experimented with the magnet idea in their N10 model, and were happy with its success. Therefore, the bottom straps of the headgear attach to the mask frame with carefully designed, magnetized clips.

This means no more breakable plastic hooks.

The F10 had silicone hooks that the headgear looped over when attaching to the frame. As well as being prone to breaking, some patients with limited dexterity and strength found them difficult to use. This is despite the hooks being considerably easier to use than the clips on the older Quattro models. The Resmed F20 solves the clip issue with magnets.

In addition; and this is may be the part you’ll like; the magnetic clips are terrifically easy to use. They are the best option for anyone who has dexterity or strength problems with their fingers. The great thing is, if you get the clips very close to the magnets, they will simply “pop” into place. Providing the magnetic clips stay attached throughout the night, this full face mask option will prove to be “the answer” for many.


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Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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