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These Seven Questions About A Chinstrap Will Haunt You! by CPAPClinic


These Seven Questions About  A Chinstrap Will Haunt You! by CPAPClinic

Chin Strap
Chin Strap


Chinstraps serve an important purpose for CPAP users. Not only do they keep the chin closed for proper CPAP mask function, but provide additional comfort support for assuring the mask staying in place.


It looks secure around the nose but will not help the mouth if it falls open.

The chinstrap does provide additional support for the mask to stay in place.  So it is reasonable to expect it to work with your current mask and provide an extra means to stay in place during sleep.

But not all chinstraps are made equal.


The Research

When you research chinstraps, you will find an entire range of possibilities.  So it becomes necessary to approach your need for a chinstrap with some pre-determined questions.

Questions that require good answers before buying might include:

  • Is it adjustable above and around the side my head?
  • Can comfort accessories like the Softie work on the chinstrap if I need it?
  • Will  the chinstrap work underneath the head straps of my mask?
  • Will the chinstrap work placed over the mask straps of my current mask?
  • How tight should it actually be to prevent my mouth from opening?
  • Is it lightweight and portable?

These questions among others may very well point you in the right direction of a great purchase and even better sleep.

Here are the direct benefits of a chinstrap:

  • effective mouth closing
  • proper delivery of humidity to prevent a dry mouth, nose, and throat
  • preventing lip-flutter
  • can further prevent snoring
  • can prevent excess leaking from your mouth and make”bad”  results “good” on a CPAP usage report

The above lists are not comprehensive. They do however point out an effective way to determine a great chinstrap investment and help you achieve great sleep.



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Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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  1. Thank you for the review. You did a great job with this list of questions that a new buyer might have ask.

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