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Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy is considered as the most effective treatment for sleep apnea. The patients wear a mask that is attached to a pump in the CPAP machine. This machine forces air into nasal passages at adequately high pressure to overcome any obstruction in the airway and stimulate normal breathing. The airway pressure delivered into the upper airway is continuous while breathing in and breathing out.

CPAP devices and accessories need to be frequently replaced to ensure that they function properly and do not cause any discomfort to the user. Some private insurance companies also cover replacement costs as per their policies.

The most common CPAP parts and accessories include:

Nasal Mask Cushions: The CPAP mask which is made of hard plastic usually lasts for 1 year. The mask includes a soft cushion made of silicon, which helps to prevent air leakage around the mask. This cushion should be changed when it fails to seal the mask against the face.

CPAP Headgear and Chinstraps: The headgear and chin strips keep the mask adjusted while sleeping. The elastic material used in these, help them to avoid stretching out of shape or fraying around closures. Proper cleaning of the headgear helps them to last longer and they usually last from three to six months.

CPAP Tubing: The mask is connected to the CPAP machine with a plastic tubing. When humidifier is used, some bacteria may build up inside the tube and therefore it should be carefully and regularly washed to prevent respiratory infections.

Filters: The in line, disposable bacteria filter is attached between the CPAP machine and tubing to provide post-machine bacteria filtering. These bacteria/viral filters utilize a non conducive and hydrophobic filter media for proper filtration.

CPAP Humidifier: A lot of dry air (air without any moisture) can irritate the airway. It can also cause swelling and narrow down the airway, affecting pressure requirements. Humidifiers in CPAP devices add moisture to the air from the machine.

CPAP Pillow: CPAP pillows help people to remain on their sides while sleeping. On a CPAP pillow, the person’s head remains slightly elevated which in turn helps to keep the airways clear from barriers. The pillow also supports the spine and neck to keep them aligned better which helps to eliminate other indications of sleep apnea.

Apart from these CPAP parts, there are various additional accessories like CPAP mask cleaners, wipes and traveling kit such as carry bags which are supplied by leading brands producing CPAP devices.

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