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Full Face CPAP Masks, The Dream Solution?

mirage_quattro_full_face_mask_system_61200-61203Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Masks are of many kinds and they should be chosen as per the shape of the face and individual comfort level.

Full face CPAP masks cover the nose as well as the mouth while delivering pressurized air to the user. They are ideal for people who breathe through nose and mouth while sleeping. CPAP masks are also recommended for those who breathe through their nose but suddenly open their mouths sometimes during sleep. Other CPAP masks lose pressure if the user opens his or her mouth while sleeping and this makes the whole CPAP therapy ineffective. Since full face mask cover the entire mouth area, users do not have to worry about the pressure that is intended to hold the airway open, with air flowing out through the mouth.

The additional side straps over the forehead and at the mouth level secure the full face CPAP mask correctly to the head area. Full face masks are therefore less likely to keep coming off the face.

Full face mask also direct the air towards the mouth without pushing it straight into user’s nose. Therefore, they prevent harmful impact of constant air flow pressure heading directly into the nasal passage. This way, it prevents potential nose bleeding or dryness and itching in the nose during the therapy.

The only basic drawback of a Full face mask is its rather bulky design. The good news is many manufacturers are concentrating on smaller, lighter interfaces. Additionally, major manufacturers such as Resmed and Fisher-Paykel have achieved new standards of comfort that are worth a serious look.

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5 thoughts on “Full Face CPAP Masks, The Dream Solution?”

  1. I am truly delighted to read this website posts which consists of lots of helpful data, thanks for providing these kinds of statistics.

  2. Do you mind asking your opinion on the ResMed AirFit F10 full face mask? find you’ll article very informative. Thank you very much!

    1. The F10 full face mask by Resmed features no forehead applications to steady the mask, which means no pressure marks in the morning. The straps on either side of the face are nicely padded for comfort. The sizes come in small, medium or large to suit the shape of your face, thus making this an excellent mask choice for CPAP therapy. Call 1.877.430.2727 for assistance.

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