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Sleep Apnea and Arrhythmia

Arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat, is one of the potential side effects of severe sleep apnea.

Since sleep apnea may exist for years without being diagnosed or treated, it’s important to consider the value of getting checked out for this serious sleep disorder at your doctor’s office.

If you’re experiencing irregular heartbeat, or need to know whether your heart rate is normal, you should also mention these concerns to your physician.

Studies have proven that worsening of a sleep apnea condition contributes to the risk of heart problems, including atrial fibrillation and complex ventrical ectopia (ventrical arrhythmia).

Obstructive sleep apnea is the form of sleep apnea that is most commonly linked with arrhythmia. Central and mixed sleep apnea types don’t seem to have the same impact on the heart’s rhythms.

Improve Your Health with the Right Sleep Apnea Treatment

The best way to reverse or minimize arrhythmia is with proper medical care and aggressive sleep apnea treatments that regulate breathing and reduce the strain on the heart.

Sleep apnea treatments that feature CPAP machines and CPAP nasal masks are the best ways to improve your health in the short and long term. Without CPAP therapy, your body will continue to suffer from the detrimental effect of this sleep disorder.

Sleep apnea may affect your heartbeat, and it may also raise your blood pressure. Not to mention the other common side effect of sleep apnea, such as snoring, gasping, morning headaches, and daytime exhaustion.

In a nutshell, there are plenty of great reasons to pursue sleep apnea treatment. Using a CPAP machine is the best way to ease the strain on your heart and to pump up your energy and alertness during the day.

How to Get a CPAP Machine

These days, finding a reputable CPAP machine dealer is very important; if you’re shopping online, you should search for a provider with a solid reputation in the industry.

The best CPAP treatment specialists, such as Toronto’s CPAP Clinic, sell their wares on and offline. When you choose the CPAP Clinic, you’ll find the very best sleep apnea treatment machines for very competitive prices.

Once you’ve begun your search for the right CPAP machine, consider the merits of various models.

For example, if you have a busy lifestyle and you enjoy travelling for business or pleasure, a portable machine, such as the ResMed CPAP: S8 Escape II will suit your needs perfectly. This compact, lightweight model will help you to enjoy heart-healthy sleep every single night.

If you tend to stay close to home, it’s wise to invest in a standard CPAP machine that offers plenty of bells and whistles. For programmable features, a built-in heated humidifier, and a high-tech Autoset feature that monitors your breathing all night long, consider the popular ResMed Auto-Pap: S9 Autoset with H5i.

Now that you know more about the connection between heart arrhythmia and sleep apnea, as well as some helpful advice about sleep apnea treatments, you’ll be ready to make smart decisions about seeking out the right medical care and the perfect CPAP machine for your personal needs.

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