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MyTap oral appliance? Fit it correctly.

The myTap is an inexpensive solution for snorers, especially for those who also deal with sleep apnea. A gentle fitting and subsequent repositioning of the jaw is the primary purpose of this appliance. Unfortunately, many obtain the myTap and attempt to fit it with little or no guidance. Afterwhich, the key concern for new users is achieving a proper fit. An additional concern is a comfortable and consistent usage. While there is no automatic solution, there is an easy thorough practical solution, which when followed precisely, can lead to maximizing the benefits of the myTap oral appliance.

The above video solves fitting issues and delves into the proper arrangement of the upper and lower trays of the myTap, regardless of your mouth size. When viewing, we encourage you to take notes, watch the examples closely, use a mirror, pause and play the video as needed to guide yourself along.

The video presentation is approximately fifteen to twenty minutes and can save time, energy, and money (because there is nothing else to purchase to make the myTap work well).

Moreover, important details within the video afford the user with repeatable, reliable tips so the myTap performs as intended. Attached here is the pdf fitting guide.

Alternatively, any user can opt to supplement their myTap sleeping solution with other products to enhance results. An example might be a leg pillow, a pillow wedge, etc. These products, while not compulsory, might be an important consideration for those with lower back or joint issues when sleeping.


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