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Last night, one family member snored so loud, it caused…


Last night, one family member snored so loud, it caused…


Finish the sentence; Last night, one family member snored so loud, it caused…

Go ahead, you know what came next, right?

Was the next morning a bit awkward stumbling out of bed half-awake and your head in a fog from next to no sleep while your family member awoke without any indication of his/her nocturnal turbulence?

You’re not alone.


(if you’d like to get snoring started quickly, go here.)


Many recount the story about the family member who introduced you to earth-shattering snoring.

Families everywhere experience this situation.

And quite often. most families find themselves talking at meals, get-togethers. parties, etc to find out this all too common issue ~ the family member who has a propensity for loud snoring and the lack of sleep it caused for anyone within earshot.

What is not known is how many share this finding with the snorer.

And invariably questions arise: Is it right to simply bear it out and count it as a one or multiple-time occurrence? Or is it a peek into a larger problem requiring medical examination?


The All Too Common Conundrum

Providing an easy answer is highly unlikely since all families have different situations, emotional dynamics, stress levels, etc. But questions remain: how can the snoring family member be helped or alerted in a kind, loving manner? And when is the right time to ask such questions?



CPAPClinic is a part of a growing family of people who is actively treating sleeping issues. Many who communicate with family and friends about snoring call CPAPClinic or visit a website to gain an insight into snoring, how to assess its severity and how and where to treat it.

CPAPClinic has developed a three step self-assessment page to assist those interested in investigating snoring and what it represents, what it may indicate and how it might be eased or eliminated.

As friends and family of a loved one who snores, we understand how sensitive this subject might be, which leads us to two predominant choices:

a) allow the snoring to continue and possibly await something dangerous to develop or

b) lead the family member in a direction to at least take a closer look into their snoring to make sure it isn’t harming their quality of life, physical health. relationships or future.

Which would you do?

Be sure to check out our next four posts entitled ” How to help a snorer ~ the easy way.”

Part One is coming.



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Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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