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Part One: Top CPAP fails and How to solve them


Part One: Top CPAP fails and How to solve them

Most CPAP users come across an issue or two when starting out. This is common. However, it is not common for problems to persist. We will take a look at common CPAP fails and how to solve them, one by one in the coming posts. Let’s get started.


How do I get used to wearing a CPAP mask?

This is a common situation. Here’s what has worked for many:

  • Take small steps to get accustomed to wearing one or two. Keep track of which one suits you, i.e. full face mask, nasal mask, etc.
  • Try wearing the mask during the day when you’re watching TV or reading a book. Sometimes wearing the mask while you’re on the Internet can help you get used to wearing it during sleep. Be gradual, start with one hour of use per day for a few days, then a short nap with CPAP for a few days and then sleeping with CPAP at night. As a result, this practice eliminates unfamiliarity.
  • Once you become accustomed to how the mask feels on your face, start wearing the CPAP mask every time you sleep-at night.. (The reality is that the more you wear the mask, the easier it will be to get used to wearing it.)
  • Use the device for several weeks or more to see if the mask and pressure settings you were prescribed still work for you.

After working through the above list, contact your provider*, consultant or DME for further assistance, if needed.

This is part one in a series.

Part two is here.


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Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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