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Finally Have Her (or Him) Stop Snoring!

Finally Have Her (or Him) Stop Snoring!


My wife is an intelligent, hilarious, insightful woman…whom I used to loathe as soon as she fell asleep each night. Why? She’s prone to snoring—the sort of snoring that would make the walls rattle if we were featured inside a cartoon. This situation made us miserable: I lost sleep, she’d end up disturbed as I encouraged her to roll over, and we’d both woke up feeling even more tired and beleaguered.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that snoring can easily be a wrecking ball on relationships, and research certainly backs it up.

Marriage Ended By Snoring?

In a National Sleep Foundation poll, fifty percent of people who were at risk for sleep apnea (which means they scored quite high on a questionnaire about snoring and daytime drowsiness) or who had a partner (at considerable risk for sleep apnea) reported that it caused problems in their relationship. And twenty-eight percent said that their intimate or sexual relationship had been negatively affected because they were constantly sleepy. Dangers of sleep apnea aside, how does a couple keep their bond impenetrable in the face of snoring?

Some people would argue that sleeping in separate beds has saved many a relationship; according to a 2014 poll by the statistical analysis site FiveThirtyEight, 13.9 percent of cohabiting couples sleep apart every night (and snoring is the culprit for almost half of those people). I tried to evict my wife from the bedroom to get shuteye on our living room couch, but that was hardly a solution for us; she was uncomfortable, and my guilt about not being with her kept me awake anyway. So what can be done if you’re not ready to give up your bedmate?


Here are a few steps she says you should take if your husband or wife is keeping you up at night.

  • If your partner isn’t choking or gasping in their sleep, they may just snore because they’re lying on their back. Put a tennis ball in a pocket tee shirt worn backwards, which can help train them to sleep on their side. That may sound a bit silly, but it may work.
  • Weight loss can also help with fending off snoring, as well as avoiding alcohol or sedating medications within three hours of bedtime. Extra tissue in the neck area (courtesy of a few extra pounds) or relaxation of muscles in the mouth and throat (thanks to alcohol or a dose of a sleeping pill) do contribute to the obstruction of the airway, causing vibrations.

There’s no single “cure” for snoring. However more and more anti-snore technology is showing up in the form of medical devices on store shelves both online and offline. Explore websites or go to a sleep doctor and ask questions about more targeted treatment options.

Our solution?

It is now a combination of a special pillow, mouth-piece at night and a healthier diet and exercise plan during each day ~ consistently.

Remember, the solution for one may not be the solution for the many.  Seek out a multiple layered approach for snoring, and long-lasting results.


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Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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