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9 reasons you will hate…and love CPAP

9 reasons you will hate and love CPAP.  Here they are:


The following breakdown details why you hate and love CPAP. Here goes:

Hate CPAP  Love CPAP
1. Claustrophobia with CPAP mask Wide Variety Of NEW comfortable Masks
2. Facial irritations & skin breakouts Multitude of cleaners and comfort accessories are available, solving skin issues.
3. The mask and hose don’t allow                   stomach sleeping

Special pillows have been made to accommodate side sleepers.

4. Difficulty obtaining comfortable             sleeping position with CPAP

Special made PAP pillows solve this
5. Perceived embarrassment and bad social impact with CPAP equipment Discreet carry bags now allow portability w/contents unseen and unrecognized.
6. Partners dislike CPAP noises 

Newer PAP units compensate for leaks.

Newer masks silence PAP noise.

New tubing accessories reduce or eliminate PAP sounds.

7. Allergies make mask uncomfortable

Aromatherapy for PAP units reduce allergy influence(s)

8. CPAP goes traveling New PAP units fit in your palm and are more portable than ever.
9. Nightly requirement for sleep                           quality. When used nightly, immediate feedback about sleep is present with newer machines, assuring you that CPAP does work.

Using CPAP means great sleep results!

The above information can help you decide whether to use a CPAP to manage your OSA.

Learn even more here.


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Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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