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Treat Sleep Apnea and Get Your Life Back


In most cases, people who have apnea do not suspect they have a sleep disorder. They snore loudly and make strange noises during sleep and worse, they go through frightening non-breathing episodes. Apnea sufferers are also cranky, irritable, and lack focus; life shouldn’t be like this.

Don’t Let Sleep Apnea Get You

If you are always the butt of jokes because of your snoring, get yourself medical advice. Your snoring or grunting during sleep could indicate you have apnea. This is no laughing matter. It could lead to serious problems or is a symptom of another medical condition. Other symptoms include excessive daytime sleepiness, impaired concentration and memory problems, morning or night headaches, swelling of the legs, frequent urination during the night, sweating, and chest pain.

These symptoms can ruin your general well-being, lifestyle, and your work. Don’t let apnea control your life, control it. See a health care provider to treat sleep apnea; in Toronto, there are several home health care providers who can help you choose the best CPAP device.

Before you purchase or rent a CPAP machine, a doctor will have to determine if you indeed have one by probing your sleepiness scale and run a polysomnography test to probe the cause of your sleep disorder. The polysomnography test records the brain’s electrical activity, blood oxygen heart rate, muscle activity, and eye movement, and breathing.

Only after determining the type of sleep will the doctor prescribes the CPAP device to treat sleep apnea; in Toronto, there is no lack of affordable but quality CPAP devices. There are two types of sleep apnea – obstructive and central.

Obstructed sleep apnea, which is more common, is caused by obstructive airflow indicates that air cannot enter the lungs because of an obstruction along the airways; this could also be caused by obesity in adults, tonsillitis in children, or jaw anatomy. Central sleep apnea, although not always manifested with snoring, is present when breathing episodes are reduced; this is an indication of heart failure and thus more serious in nature.

CPAP Machines

There are several CPAP machines to treat sleep apnea; in Toronto alone, the latest CPAP technology from different brands is available. The device should be used during sleep. This device will provide continuous regulated air pressure ensuring that the lungs have an adequate supply of oxygen during sleep. When you purchase your CPAP device, this may come with a mask to cover your nose and mouth, or a mask that covers just the nose, and prongs to fit into the nose.

Compared to surgery and other invasive treatments, CPAP machines are safer and cheaper methods to treat apnea; in Toronto, CPAP machines/devices are snapped up by patients who want both comfort and efficiency from these machines/devices. The treatment aims to restore regular breathing and relieve loud snoring and sleepiness during the daytime. For patients with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke, the treatment can also help.

Take Control

It takes a while before you notice if the treatment works; stick to a healthy lifestyle and keep on using the CPAP device. You can treat sleep apnea; in Toronto, you can get help from home health care providers who can provide you the CPAP device you need so get your life back now.

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  1. Great information! I’m not diagnosed but I’m sure its happening to me and this will be my first step towards CPAP! Thank you!

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