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Women and Sleep Apnea

Women are more likely to suffer from undiagnosed sleep apnea than men are; the reasons for this phenomenon may relate to perceptions that men of a certain age and weight are primary candidates for this serious sleep disorder.

If you’re female and you snore at night, gasp for breath during sleep, and wake up frequently to use the washroom, there is a good chance that you are a woman with undiagnosed sleep apnea.

Getting the care you need is very important, and you must be prepared to ask your physician for examinations, referrals and other help that will lead to a formal diagnosis of sleep apnea.

Sometimes, women experience the symptoms of sleep apnea in different ways than men do. For example, females may tend to have more emotional problems related to their night-time sleep difficulties.

Mood disorders, profound exhaustion, and frequent headaches in the morning are extremely common in women with this sleep disorder. Men may present with symptoms that are less related to emotional turmoil caused by chronic fatigue.

For this reason, if you’re female and you really believe that you may have sleep apnea, it’s important to know what to ask your doctor and how to move the diagnosis process forward. Being proactive about your own health is very important; taking steps to discuss sleep apnea with your physician may result in treatment that is covered by your medical insurance.

Sleep Apnea Treatments Will Change Your Life

Knowing that medical coverage is at your fingertips will become an important factor when it’s time to choose the right sleep apnea treatments, including CPAP machines, CPAP nasal masks, and CPAP replacement parts. These items are quite affordable – but why pay for them when you don’t have to?

Once you’ve gone through the diagnostic process and chosen a CPAP machine, you’ll enjoy regulated breathing that lasts all night long. Without this handy, high-tech machine, you’ll always feel tired, un-together, or stressed out during the day.

Living with undiagnosed sleep apnea is like a waking nightmare; no one else who is around you will really understand why you’re so short-tempered, and why you struggle to cope with everyday tasks. The problem with sleep apnea is that it causes a huge decline in cognitive skills, while also provoking the worst sorts of emotions.

The only way to stop the roller coaster ups-and-downs is to get help from a sleep apnea specialist who really understands your disorder.

While getting used to sleeping with a machine and mask may not happen overnight, it will happen in time. Waking up feeling happy and ready to seize the day is one of the best parts of using the correct sleep apnea treatment regimen. Health and wellness gains will be cumulative, so you may expect to feel better every day, as long as you use your machine and mask each night.

Without the right treatment, you may be stressing your heart, elevating your blood pressure, and taxing your emotions. Sleep apnea affects career, relationships, and health (and not for the better).

Treasure yourself by seeing your doctor and finding out if you have this serious sleep disorder. If you do, you need a CPAP machine to restore your good health and your peace of mind.

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2 thoughts on “Women and Sleep Apnea”

  1. This is totally true!! I may feel fatigued and experience morning headaches, It’s take longer to fall me asleep and i’m not snoring. So when I diagnosed dr. recommended the airsense 10 autoset, and yeah it’s worked for me, I so blessed at all!!!

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