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Diet impacts sleep more than you think

Recent Study Gives Clues on How Diet Impacts Sleep

  • Very short sleepers (less than 5 hours a night): Had the least food variety, drank less water and consumed fewer total carbohydrates and lycopene (an antioxidant found in fruits and vegetables).


  • Short sleepers (5-6 hours): Consumed the most calories but ate less vitamin C and selenium, and drank less water. Short sleepers tended to eat more lutein and zeaxanthin than other groups.


  • Normal sleepers (7-8 hours): Had the most food variety in their diet, which is generally associated with a healthier way of eating.


  • Long sleepers (9 or more hours): Consumed the least calories as well as less theobromine (found in chocolate and tea), choline and total carbs. Long sleepers tended to drink more alcohol.


How can this information impact your sleep quality?

For the entire article, read more here.

For great sleep, we have powerful suggestions here.



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