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Suspect you need a new PAP pressure setting? Here’s something you haven’t thought about doing.


Suspect you need a new PAP pressure setting?

Here’s something you haven’t thought about doing.




Many PAP users find themselves wondering if the air pressure from their PAP unit is precise. This is especially true if one is a long time user and PAP results (like great sleep, etc.) have decreased, and sleep disturbances have increased.

The first reaction to this is to get the PAP checked for proper function. Presuming all is working with a visit to your vendor, a visit to the sleep doctor typically follows. During that consultation, he/she may say it’s time for a new setting. and a new sleep study is needed.

However, when your situation is reviewed, funding for a sleep test may not be available or feasible. Or maybe the insurance won’t pay. Or if the government subsidy could apply, there is a (possible) time-frame that must pass before funding gets authorized.

In the meantime, you need a new setting so assure the success of your PAP so you can get back to sleep. A great sleep doctor can lead you to a vendor who will help.


What the vendor will do

With this knowledge, you now see a vendor and now find yourself in one of these PAP situations:

  1. Are you doing an Autoset (trial) to determine new PAP pressure requirements?
    Trying to sleep with Auto (new or trial) for the first time?
  2. Or are you working with a newer machine versus your last one and can’t get used to the new pressure, even if it’s the same pressure you have been using.

Let’s also include that one of the above situations requires feedback to the doctor, so he/she can assist you with a better PAP pressure.

And at home and in spite of everything being set up properly and ready, something just isn’t working, and the PAP just isn’t panning out. Plus, you have only so much time to test a new solution (i.e. PAP trial agreement due date.a pending doctor follow-up, etc.). And worst of all, you’re desperate for sleep, energy, concentration, all of it.

What to do?

Well, the good news is there is a quick fix.

But first, take a deep breath.

Relax a moment while we explain.

There is a quick way to assure good results with a new PAP or an APAP so it records great results for a new PAP pressure determination.

It’s what we call the Progressive Sleep Time technique.

Let’s briefly examine what this means.


Progressive Sleep Time Technique

First, we presume that you have your trial machine, a successful mask, a comfortable sleeping area and allotted sleep time.


As you settle in to try again, start like this.

Take your new/borrowed Auto or new PAP and settle in for about one to two hours.

This presumes the PAP settings are on important comfort levels, such as a long ramp, or a one, two, three setting of pressure relief and mid-level humidifier setting, for example.

Favor and use your most comfortable mask. Very important!

But here’s the difference:

Be awake or lightly sleeping during the whole effort for one to two hours (your choice of duration).


You must give yourself time to get used to it, a little bit at a time.

Whenever anyone on PAP therapy is presented with a new solution, excitement and hope drive someone to expect a full night’s sleep immediately, and on the first night of the trial period.

Let’s not approach it like that.

Instead, ease into it.

Walk before you run, as the adage says.

Once a few hours of rest or light sleep feels good and doable, then attempt a nap.

Go after a short nap, maybe an hour to start.

Get confident with an hour.

Then go back to your original PAP for the rest of the night, if you find comfort with it.

After this bit of success, try two hours of sleep time. And afterward, go back to your original PAP, etc.

Repeat this until you get to four hours, minimum.

Once you are at four hours, unless you are required to sleep longer, settle there and complete the trial with your mastery of this new duration on your trial PAP.


And that’s not all…

Of course, remember, it is a trial, so there’s no need to push more time on yourself unless you require more naturally, or the doctor has advised you differently.

Now, presuming you have accomplished your trial time on a new PAP, the data collected will reflect “honest” numbers, and you can “fill in the blanks” about your developing effort with sleep duration.

This approach just might assist you effectively in your quest for determining a smarter, more effective PAP setting, especially if going back to a sleep lab is not an option.

In most general PAP pressure studies, the above Progressive Sleep Time technique accomplishes enough to create better PAP experiences.

If this was helpful, please comment!


Call 1.877.430.2727 for help.

Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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6 thoughts on “Suspect you need a new PAP pressure setting? Here’s something you haven’t thought about doing.”

  1. I am regularly using CPAP m/c Model-REMPlus w/C-Flex Intl RESPIRONICS.For best result Brushing Of teeth& Washing the face with Bathing Soap/ Diluted Listerine Mouthwash.regular cleaning of black color Pollen Filters with Luke warm water.keeping the Respitronic Unit on ‘One Inch’ elevated Flat Surface there by continuous / Uniform Air Pressure during Night sleep has Paid me Rich Divident of Sound/ Noiseless sleep.My age is 64 yr,I had severe Sleep apnea since yr2004,Regular Usege Of RESPIRONICS ,sinceFeb’ 2006 has solved my OBESITY problem,i.e From106 kg to86 kg Body Wt: Reduction,is mainly CREDIT goes to RESPIRONICS . Thanks. Ramani.c- India (Chennai-600092).

  2. My husband was recently diagnosed with severe #sleepapnea. His sleep test revealed he woke up 149 times during the night, and 90 of those times he stopped breathing for 10 secs or more.! Thanks for paying it forward this information 🙂

  3. I have used three different PAP machines over a period of three years. Two of the machines were ineffective for me and finally the the last one was worked.

  4. Hey!! Thanks for your efforts in putting all together this information. Your good humor certainly kept me reading. It was a huge help to know how to control pressure myself.

  5. I was wondering this myself. It seems like my machine (my new one) isn’t as good as the other one I had but the only reason I got the new one is because the other one got left behind out of state and my insurance no longer covers that brand. Thanks for the helpful information!

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